Iran Oriental Bazaars Vacation Package
4 Day Tehran | 2 Day Lar | 2 Day Shiraz | 2 Day Isfahan | 2 Day Arak | 2 Day Zanjan | 2 Day Tabriz

Oriental Bazaars
Iran Oriental Bazaars Vacation Package
17 days from Apr 09, 2019 Road Trip


16 nights of accommodation

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Iran Oriental Bazaars Vacation Package

4 Day Tehran 2 Day Lar 2 Day Shiraz 2 Day Isfahan 2 Day Arak 2 Day Zanjan 2 Day Tabriz
16 nights of accommodation
Group Trip 17 Day and 16 Night Road Trip

Oriental Bazaars
Tour Operator Parvaz Noghrei Travel Agency

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Number of Meals:
16 meals for fifteen days
Begining City:
Tehran ، Tehran Tehran Railway
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You need 17 free days for this trip.
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Noon ( Our guide is waiting to greet and transfer you to the hotel check in. )
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Tourist Vehicle
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Travel Programs Iran Oriental Bazaars Vacation Package

Day 1 : Our trip begins from Tehran. After arrival in the IKA airport and transfer to hotel to have some rest, we will visit Sa'dabad Palace Complex late in the morning. Then head to Tehran’s mountainous area, Darband to have a light trekking, watching everyday life of people and enjoy the fresh air.

Day 2 : In the morning we leave the hotel to the airport to go to the southern harbor of Iran, Bandar Abbas (1 h 30 min) and from there we go to Laar city (240 km), getting prepared to start discovering the traditional history of commercial and cultural bazaars in Iran tomorrow.

Day 3 : Our journey begins in Laar which is home to one of the oldest bazaars in Iran. Qeisarieh Bazaar with its cross-shaped architecture has been renovated through different dynasties. Then we head to Ejdeha Peykar castle to visit another remnant of the ancient city of Laar. After lunchtime, we go to Evaz city, visiting its historical cisterns and then return to our hotel.

Day 4 : Today we leave the hotel after breakfast to continue our way to one of the most charming cities in Iran, Shiraz (350 km). On our way, we will have a short visit from Jahrom Historical Bazaar and keep on going to Shiraz in order to arrive in the evening.

Day 5 : Our first-day visits start with Karimkhan Citadel right at the center of the city and continue to Vakil historical complex with its bath, bazaar, and mosque. Enjoying our lunchtime at the heart of the city, we will go to Narenjestan-e Qavam garden and Eram garden then. With its mystic atmosphere at night, Hafez tomb would become one of the everlasting scenes from Iran in our mind.

Day 6 : We leave the hotel in the morning to get on the track to Isfahan, one of the most beautiful cities of Iran (480 km from Kashan). However, on the way, there is still a lot to visit. Our first stop is at Persepolis (60 km from Shiraz). A glorious historical monument from the ancient civilization of Persia with a total area of 125,000 square meters. Then we will have lunch and head to Pasargadae, the remnants of first Persian Garden and tomb of the most popular King of ancient Iran, Cyrus the Great.

Day 7 : We are going to spend an unforgetful day in Isfahan. As our first visit to the city, we go to Naqsh-e Jahan Square (The Image of the World it means) with four highlighted sites located around it: Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque, Ali Qapu and Traditional Bazaar. After enjoying our lunchtime near one of the World’s largest squares, we will head to Hasht Behesht and Chehelsotun Palace.

Day 8 : Today we should leave the hotel to head to the next amazing bazaar in Iran, Arak (340 km) in the afternoon. Before that still, there is enough time to keep on visiting Isfahan by going to Vank Church, Siose pol (a historical bridge) and Jame’ Mosque of Isfahan, which is a stunning illustration of the evolution of mosque architecture over twelve centuries. Heading to Arak, we leave Isfahan after lunchtime and get to Arak early at night.

Day 9 : Our day in Arak obviously begins with its famous traditional bazaar, an outstanding among its kinds in terms of architecture and design. Afterward, we have plans to visit other city highlights such as Chaharfasl Historical Bath, Sepahdar Mosque, and School.

Day 10 : Today we leave to Zanjan (425 km) through a beautiful road and on the way we will visit the world’s largest brick dome of its time, Soltanieh Dome and then continue to Zanjan after having lunch. We arrive at the hotel by evening.

Day 11 : To continue our journey, today we are visiting a significant symbolic and spiritual archeological site of Iran. As a perfect combination of nature and architecture, Takht-e Soleiman has been home to many Zoroastrian temples through different dynasties. After lunchtime, we return to Zanjan (Total 285 km).

Day 12 : Before leaving Zanjan, we are visiting city’s Grand Bazaar as well as Salt-men Museum which opens windows to mysteries from our ancestors in the Sassanid era through its naturally conserved prehistoric salt miners. We leave to Tabriz early in the afternoon to get to the hotel by the night (300 km).

Day 13 : In the last days of our trip, we are staying in Tabriz to visit some city highlight as well as the UNESCO world heritage site, Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex. Which is located along one of the most frequented east-west trade routes, consists of a series of enclosed spaces for a variety of commercial and trade-related activities, social gatherings, educational and religious practices. We will continue our journey through history by visiting the Constitutional Revolution Museum, Azerbaijan Museum, Iron-age archeological Museum and Blue Mosque. We will then enjoy our short walk in Elgoli Park, keeping pace with people strolling around its popular artificial lake before returning to the hotel.

Day 14 : Our flight to Tehran departs today evening, which leaves us enough time to visit the wonderful Kandovan (55 km from Tabriz), a still-inhabited cliff village with man-made dwellings excavated inside volcanic rocks. Then we will go to Tabriz airport in order not miss our departure to Tehran (1 h 10 min).

Day 15 : Our Journey is coming to its end! Today To understand the most about Iran’s capital bazaar, we spent a half-day visiting Tehran’s Grand Bazaar and after the lunch, we head to Golestan Palace Complex.

Day 16 : It’s the last day of our trip. To discover the yesterday glory of central districts, we visit Iran National Museum, Glassware and Ceramic Museum and National Jewelry Treasury which are all located on a historic street. We will then enjoy our farewell dinner in Iran in a traditional restaurant.

Day 17 : And finally, it’s time to bid farewell to Iran as we are transferred to the airport early in the morning for our return flight home.

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Tour Service: Iran Oriental Bazaars Vacation Package

Airport Transfers (welcome and lunch)
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16 Meal Breakfast

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1 Day Tehran, 2 Day Lar, 2 Day Shiraz, 2 Day Isfahan, 2 Day Arak, 2 Day Zanjan, 2 Day Tabriz, 16 nights of accommodation, 17 Days From 4/9/2019 To 4/25/2019, ( 17 Day and 16 Night )

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