Iran Country Scan Vacation Package
4 Day Tehran | 3 Day Kelardasht | 3 Day Shiraz | 2 Day Yasuj | 2 Day Isfahan | 2 Day Kashan

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Iran Country Scan Vacation Package
16 Days from Mar 25, 2019 Road Trip


15 nights of accommodation

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Iran Country Scan Vacation Package

4 Day Tehran 3 Day Kelardasht 3 Day Shiraz 2 Day Yasuj 2 Day Isfahan 2 Day Kashan
15 nights of accommodation
Group Trip 16 Day and 15 Night Road Trip

A Walk in the Nature
Tour Operator Parvaz Noghrei Travel Agency

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Number of Meals:
15 meals for Sixteen days
Begining City:
Tehran ، Tehran Tehran railways
Need a few days off:
you need 16 free days for your trip.
Start Time:
Morning ( Our guide is waiting to greet and transfer you to the hotel check in. )
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Tourist Vehicle
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Day 1 : Arrival in TEHRAN. Our tour guide will be waiting for us at airport to greet and welcome us. Then, we will be transferred to hotel.

Day 2 : Full day city tour of Tehran. Today, we visit Tehran downtown and its highlights. The Grand Bazaar of Tehran with its crowd and numerous shops is a great place to experience local lifestyle. Golestan Palace, a world heritage site, mirroring last four century history of Iran is our next stop. Then, we visit Iran National Museum and its archeological section showcasing thousands of years of culture and civilization.

Day 3 : Today, we have an exciting excursion to Tehran outskirt. Tehran is located in southern wing of Alborz Mountains with moderate and pleasant climate. We walk through green villages at the foot of Alborz Mountains and cover off the beaten trails and enjoy the high mountain peaks, spectacular scenery and beautiful springs and waterfalls.

Day 4 : Today, we drive to KELARDASHT via twisting scenic road of Chalous. The dense forests of Caspian Coast on the background of Alborz Mountains make an awesome landscape. Kelardasht attractions consist of its natural beauty including Alam Kouh Mountain, the second tallest peak in Iran (4850m), Abbas abad Road, Valasht Lake and cooler climate.

Day 5 : After half an hour drive with 4WD vehicles we reach Vandarbon Village, a rural area famous for its reinvigorating and astonishing nature. There are great peaks over 4000m, with breathtaking views. In the afternoon, we drive to RASHT CITY, the capital city of GILAN Province, through Abbas Abad Forest

Day 6 : Today, we have forest trekking before reaching Roudkhan Castle, a brick and stone medieval castle 25km southwest of FOOMAN City. In the evening, we enjoy boating in Anzali Lagoon. The lagoon is a known site for watching rare species of birds.

Day 7 : We drive to Tehran to fly to SHIRAZ, the city of love, poetry, and gardens where the first Persian Empire in almost 550 BCE was born and two most admired Persian poets, Hafez and Sa’di, are buried.

Day 8 : Full day city tour of Shiraz to see its highlights including Arg-e Karim Khan, a large rectangular castle , Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Hammam (bath) and Vakil Mosque. These sites were built in 18th century when Shiraz was Zand dynasty capital. Then, we visit the Eram Garden, a world heritage site, praised for its beautiful flowers, refreshing air, tall cypresses, fragrant myrtles, flowing watercourses, and numerous cascades. Tomb of Hafez, famous 14th century poet, with its romantic aura is the last sight for today.

Day 9 : Today, we drive to visit the world heritage sites of Persepolis and Pasargadae. Persepolis, the crown jewel of Persian heritage, is 57km from Shiraz. It represents the glory and splendor of the first Persian Empire, the Achaemenids. Pasargadae, once a great city and now a pilgrimage center for Iranians, hosts the tomb of Cyrus the Great, the founder of Achaemenid dynasty.

Day 10 : In the morning, we drive to YASUJ, the capital city of KOHGILUYEH AND BOYER-AHMAD Province located South West of Iran. On the way to Yasuj we drive through the city of NOURABAD. Here, while climbing we trek through old oak trees and watch a beautiful hidden waterfall. Drive on to Yasuj.

Day 11 : Yasuj is surrounded by Zagros Mountains. Today, we visit Dena Protected Area with 40 summits over 4000m. Dena is rich in terms of flora and fauna; trees such as Kikom, Wild Palm and Oak and wildlife like brown bears, eagles, leopards, wolves, wild cats, falcons and etc. can be found in this area.

Day 12 : Drive to ISFAHAN. In Isfahan we experience the acme of Islamic art and architecture reflected in its mosques, bridges, churches, gardens and palaces. In the evening, when arriving in Isfahan we visit 17th century bridges of Si-o Se Pol and Khaju.

Day 13 : Today, we have full day city tour of Isfahan to visit its wondrous attractions, i.e. Naqsh-e Jahan Square with its marvelous mosques, palaces and bazaar. Naqsh-e Jahan is a vast square surrounded by Abbasi and Sheikh Lotfolla mosques and Ali Qapu Palace Pavilion all chained together with a row of two-story arcade shops. Close to the square there is Chehel Sotoun Palace located inside an amazing Persian Garden, a world heritage site.

Day 14 : Drive to KASHAN. En route we visit ABYANEH, a village characterized by a peculiar reddish hue. Abyaneh is one of the oldest villages in Iran, drawing lots of domestic and foreign tourists year-round. The different physical landscape, culture and costume have made this village a unique destination in Iran. We Drive on to Kashan, an old city on the edge of desert with pleasant gardens and old houses with astounding architecture. In Kashan we visit Fin Garden, a world heritage site.

Day 15 : Today, we enjoy awe-inspiring Maranjab Desert. To get to desert we drive through dense tamarisk trees. We engage in activities such as walking on sand hills and salty polygons on the edge of Namak Lake (salt lake). Then, we rest in Abbasi Caravanserai, a 17th century monument. Drive on to Tehran.

Day 16 : Fly back home.

Terms and Conditions

Announced programs are removable due to weather conditions and other environmental or technical factors.
Please read carefully the travel plan, tour services and supplemental information carefully and For any ambiguity, get information from the Parvaz Noghrei Office.
For your convenience and traveling companions, travel with a bag or travel bag to a maximum of 20 kilograms.
By approaching the date of the move, there is a possibility to increase the ticket price by the airline Therefore, we suggest that you take tickets as soon as possible in case of definite travel. Tickets can be bought by Silver Flight Partners, or you are personally buy tickets.
The hotels of this tour are booked in the above table However, in the event of any unwanted change in hotels, a hotel of another grade or higher will be booked in advance of the previous hotel.
The third bed in the hotels is travel bed or folding sofa, which is temporarily laid out in the two-bed room.
The Parvaz Noghrei just support announced patrols Visiting the rest of the attractions of travel is with travelers.
If you do not attend the trip The Consignment fines will be received in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in the written agreement between the passengers and the Parvaz Noghrei. Click here to study the contract.
Responsibility to control the credibility(At least 6 months from the date of arrival in the destination country ) of the passport and Issues of banning departure are the responsibility of the passengers.
Having yellow fever vaccination certificate is mandatory for all travelers. For this purpose, visit the Vaccine Centers or Pasteur Institute at least 10 days before traveling.
Please read the "Parvaz noghrei's Code of Ethics" before signing up.

Tour Service: Iran Country Scan Vacation Package

Airport Transfers (welcome and lunch)
Procured patrols + Payments for incomes
Saman travel insurance up to 50,000 euros
Tourist Visa
Supervised Teams
15 Meal Breakfast

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4 Day Tehran, 2 Day Kashan, 3 Day Isfahan, 2 Day Yazd, 3 Day Kerman, 13 nights of accommodation, 14 Days From 3/18/2019 To 3/31/2019, ( 14 Day and 13 Night )

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Passports with 6 months validity

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